Losing weight is difficult and at some point, in our lives most of us will try to achieve a better figure. You are often overwhelmed with all of the diet plans and extreme weight loss regimes people advertise to you.

What if we told you that losing weight did not have to be that hard? And that the best ways to lose weight are actually super easy!

In this article we will outline some of the simple ways you can achieve your ultimate weight loss goals.


There are so many benefits to losing weight. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to lose weight, and all of this can be achieved with Your Fit Coach.

  • ✅ Eliminate annoying niggles and aches that occur in everyday tasks
  • ✅ Transform your fitness – be able to move freely
  • ✅ Massively improve your energy – wake up energised
  • ✅ Plus, tone up in the process
  • ✅  Gain more confidence
  • ✅  Become stronger


People who eat more fruits and vegetables are normally thinner than those who don’t. This is because these foods are low in calories, packed with vital nutrients you need for optimal health, as well as being high in fiber. Studies have found eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and fiber contributes to satiation, which can play a vital role in long-term weight management.

The fact is that fruits and veggies are densely nutritious, yet low in calories. You can eat a bowl of broccoli without eating very many calories. The same cannot be said about that tasty pizza you had last night!

When you are preparing or thinking about your meals, choose plenty of fruits and vegetables as your side dishes and aim to have them take at least 50% of your plate. You can still get the pleasure of eating more food while eating fewer calories.

If you are not a big fan of fruit or vegetables, you can make them more tasty by including them in some of your favourite dishes. For example, with your creamy carbonara, add some mushrooms and broccoli. Or, when you next have some ice cream, half the amount of ice cream and add some tasty, colourful fruits like strawberries and bananas.

But remember! Do not add to your meals, substitute unhealthy for healthy.

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Our biggest top tip is to try and avoid sugary and sweet foods. This can include sugary drinks like cola and Starbucks. In addition, the foods you eat including ready meals, snacks like crisps and chocolate as well as sugary cereal can all add calories to your diet.

The best way to decrease your intake of sugar is to cut it out slowly. A little bit of sugar is ok! Our weight loss coaches often say that cutting it out slowly is better than all together instantly.

You can swap your sugary snacks for more healthy alternatives like nuts and fruits. When it comes to your sugary drinks, a smoothy or simply a glass of water is so much better.


Keeping active is key to your weight loss journey. Not only does it help you burn calories, it is also good for maintaining your mental wellbeing and reducing complicated health problems as you grow older.

Our biggest top tips to stay active:

  • Fit in a 30 minute walk every day or at least three time a week. Walking for a period of time, has shown to help reduce possible health problems as you age as well as help with your mental wellbeing. This could be a walk to your local shops or a walk at your beach or nature reserve.
  • If your job requires you to sit down for long period of time, make sure to get up and walk around for short period of time. Stretch those legs and get the heart pumping!
  • Our weight loss program gives you a variety of ways to keep a active lifestyle even when you are busy working and spending time with family. We understand that can take up most of your day. You can sign up to our weight loss program here, to find out the best ways to stay active even with a busy lifestyle.


Studies have found that drinking water can help with weight loss, especially when you drink it at the right time.

In one study, participants who drank 17 ounces of water just 30 minutes before a meal are fewer calories and lost 44% more weight than those who did.

Another study found that drinking water can increase your metabolism between 24% and 30% for a short period of time, helping you burn more calories.

Water is said to help you lose weight because it takes up room in your stomach – making you feel fuller for a longer period of time. In addition, you automatically consume fewer calories, yet still feel satisfied. If you are often feeling hungry after meals, then this is a great way to both keep you satisfied and consume fewer calories.


If you are struggling to lose weight or think your health is not at a standard you want it to be at, give our weight loss coaches a call. We can help you through your weight loss journey in just 12 weeks. If you’ve been feeling low on energy recently, getting tired when going up the stairs then the Live Well programme is here to put the spring back in your step.