IMG_0506 Staring at a ‘to-do list’ as long as your arm…       And juggling tight deadlines at work?     And then find yourself wondering how you’re supposed to keep a trim waistline, eat a balanced meal of protein and veg and get to the gym?     At the end of the day, for many ladies I coach, putting other people’s needs before their own is an everyday reality.     But after months and years of doing this, they find their favourite jeans don’t fit…     They can’t stop craving chocolate, crisps or coke…     And the legs bums and tums class goes out the window.     But it doesn’t have to be like this!     With the right system in place, it can be easy to feel those jeans getting looser…     Say “no” to the share bag of Maltesers…     And enjoy getting your blood pumping by doing a fun workout…     …WITHOUT feeling selfish.     You might be reading this and think, “This might work for some women, but my life is different Spencer.”   And that’s precisely what many women think before they work with me.   So here’s what I suggest;   Be accountable to a tailor-made programme that:  
  • Is designed specifically for you.
  • You enjoy.
  • Is simple enough to follow for the rest of your life.
  And get the support from a coach who:  
  • Isn’t trying to push their own ‘diet agenda’.
  • Allows you to think for yourself.
  • Doesn’t allow you to constantly depend on them.
  • Have you working together as a team.
  Or, if a coach isn’t an option, getting social support from a colleague, your spouse or a friend is also a great idea.   But the key takeaway here is, don’t try and do this alone.   Support and accountability when taking better care of yourself are critical; you’ve got a busy life already, so why not have someone else lead the way?